Our mission and focus is to create delicious plant-based cuisine for »every-day«. With our culinary philosophy we support health, beauty and well-being, both for our community and for our planet.

Welcome to our chic and trendy juicebar, located in the city-centre Ljubljana.  We prepare daily cold-pressed juices, fresh smoothies, brunch with smoothie bowls, porridge bowls, avocado toast and organic bread sandwiches. During lunch time, we offer delicious creamy soups, minestrone, creative salads and rice bowls (check daily offer) and savory quiches. For your sweet tooth, we offer amazing desserts in a glass, daily cakes and protein bars.

All our delicacies can be prepared for take-away or eat-in (we offer fourteen seats inside juicebar and in summer time we have a seating area at our patio/garden).

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Every day, we collect highest quality plant-based ingredients that are sourced locally, and prepare it the most natural way, without using harmful additives and flavorings.  We offer daily juices, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, salad or rice bowls and desserts to give you energy and support you with greatest health. All our beverages and dishes are plant-based, prepared without animal ingredients, processed sugar and free from additives. Many are also gluten-free.

Sustainability, fair-trade and transparency is our business philosophy and we will remain to offer to community healthiest food options.

We use only bio-degradable take-away packaging.



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    BARBARELLA JUICEBAR, Slovenska 38, 1000 Ljubljana,

    Phone: 01 320 0705,